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For a big portion of us in Southern California, driving up to LA clubs can frequently be an overwhelming project . With the landing of Heat Ultra Lounge, OCer’s can keep it close by at this upscale venue . Heat Ultra Lounge is a big approximated club that has 2 move floorings and three bars. The main move floor (above) knocks hip bounce throughout the night and you will get to see some crucial and glamorous photos of this certain night club . In case you’re in the mind-set for some electronica, there’s a different room and move floor anticipating you.

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The pink chandeliers do a great job lighting key areas and I thought it was a great touch.

Overall, I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a fun place to hangout nearby Disneyland. The venue competes with most of the other upscale ones in Hollywood and the service is top notch as well.

-Make sure to bring cash, the cover charge can range from $20-$40.
-I would recommend putting your party on the guest list (on their website) and arriving early (before 10:30pm).
-Dress nice. There is a semi-strict dress code, but there are people around wearing sneakers.

Who should go?
-Great for birthday parties or special occasions.
-OC clubbers who want to drink and dance.

Heat Ultra Lounge’s website
Heat Ultra Lounge reviews on Yelp
321 W Katella Ave
Ste 214
Anaheim, CA 92802
map and directions

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