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On the occasion that there was a reward that might be offered out to the most innovative dad , I ‘d trust that it was given to Jason Lee. A wedding picture taker by day, he’s accustomed to catching the outright most crucial minutes in 2 or three ‘s lives. As a long-term follower of Jason’s pictures on Flickr anyway , I believe the authentic enchantment takes place when he turns the electronic camera onto his little ladies. Of course , his youngsters are charmingly adorable in their own benefit , yet that is not exactly what makes his photos so fascinating . It’s the point at which he puts his own twist on their regular minutes that we not just get the chance to experience our own certain teenage years as soon as more , we’re prepared to see a father ‘s pride radiate through.

So search for family picture ideas with toddler today.

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My Modern Met: How did you get into photography?
Jason Lee: I picked up my first digital camera a year before my first daughter was born, which was about 8 years ago. I really enjoyed taking photos and getting the immediate feedback from digital and it just grew from there.

MMM: How do you come up with such creative photos of your daughters? What’s your creative process like?
JL: Most of the ideas come from the girls, from observing them play, or hearing the funny and outrageous things they say. Their day to day life also plays a big role for my inspiration. Creative process, hmm, thats a tough one. After coming up with an idea, I then ‘set up’ the scene, and often use artificial lighting to enhance the images. It helps to plan out the shoot before hand, so at most, I only have them in the shoot for a minute or two.

MMM: How has being on Flickr helped you with your business?
JL: I generally use Flickr to share photos of the kids, but I have had several inquiries for wedding work after people have seeing my child photography.

MMM: Any inspirational stories you’d like to share?
JL: Well, not sure if this is inspirational or not, but I’d like to share a little bit about why and how this project came about. In 2006, my mother was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. The girls were constantly sick, with colds and coughs so I couldn’t always bring them to visit her. I started a blog as a way to keep my mom up to date with things that were going on in their lives, and hoping to cheer her up with pictures. I still try and keep it updated with photos, but it’s at a far less frequency than when I first started.

MMM: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?
JL: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take notes. When you have an idea, jot it down somewhere for later. Practice, practice, practice. Start a 365 project, or at least try to shoot something on a consistent basis.

MMM: Any quotes you live by?
JL: Like in Finding Nemo, Dori advises “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Replace swimming with taking pictures and I think you have a winning formula : )

Thanks for the interview, Jason, and for letting us share in your fatherhood experience.

Jason Lee: Website | Flickr

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