Quite cool talents to have

When it concerns evaluating the talents of a person , you will come to know that not all skills are amazing , but some are also stupid . This is a hilarious article that will be able to provide you a more detailed look at 10 silly qualities which some people possess . While a single person can sustain kicks on his balls, another can stretch the skin of his body to a maximum limitation. For some, these can be remarkable while for others, these are simply bothersome talents . To know about every one of these so called talents , you must click the link offered here. So look into unusual talents list immediately. If you’re browsing for cool talents to have, you have land on the ideal lading page. Via oddee

1. The man who can get kicked in the crotch without injuring himself

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2. The man who can stretch his skin for over 6 in


3.The man who can pull a minivan using his eyelids


4. The contortionist who can squeeze through the head of a tennis racquet


5. The man who can burp at 110 decibels


6. The woman who plays two recorders with her nose


7.The man who can squirt milk with his eye


8.The man who can fit an entire Coke can in his mouth


9.The man who can throw up anything


10.The professor who can draw a perfect freehand circle


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