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People are terrifying can avoid this site link who offers few pictures of eight urban myths that turned out to be real . A few of these sensational images consist of a green man or Charlie without a face, the collector. Dog-boy, genuine life Boogeyman and lots of are well shown in this link. From these examples the human fat vampire is really sensational to read . Some of these images have actually even terrified the young people. The link works for the people who are enthusiastic to see and hear some frightening things as caught through the link that are shared in this fantastic link. So start checking out scary legends and myths you always needed. If you are searching for the legend of cropsey, you have actually stay on the perfect post page. Via

1.The Human Fat Vampires

(Source | Photo)

2.The Collector

3.The Shadow In the Corner

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4.The Green Man, or Charlie No-Face

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5.The Legend of “Dog Boy”

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6.Frozen Solid and Surviving

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