7 Amazing awesome courage bravery

Here in this compose up you will get to experience some heroic stories which will bring tears to your eyes. Have a look at the amazing stories of males and females who have risked their lives to achieve something valiant which was not dared by numerous . Take a look at the reality stories and the heroic deeds which have set apart these guys and ladies from the rest. The info graphics sings the song of their heroic deeds and you truly need to check them out with instant result. The pictures really go well hand in hand with the descriptions. So check out heroic war stories immediately. If you’re trying to look for brave stories, you have come on the awesome web page. Via

1. The woman who led Burma in non-violent protest against a ruthless dictator

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2.The Polish man who volunteered for Auschwitz

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3.The neurologist who boiled his own penis in the name of science

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4. The incredibly brave teachers who gave their lives to protect the students of Sandy Hook

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5. The bedridden quadriplegic who started a magazine and nonprofit to help people with disabilities

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6.The teens who chased a carjacker in hopes of rescuing two children

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7. The boy who protected a rape victim while his home was burning

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